Hello! We’re a family-run, watch and clock repair shop servicing Auckland and the North Shore.

Watch, Clock, Jewellery Repair Service

We repair almost all brands of clocks and watches, handling watch repairs from simple battery replacements or bracelet repairs to major services. Tim specialises in grooming/polishing of watch cases and bracelets to restore them to immaculate condition.

Clock repairs range from replacing basic quartz movements on modern clocks, to major services and case restorations on antique mechanical clocks.

We are happy to provide no obligation quotes on all repairs.

List of Repair Services

Repair services we offer include:

Jewellery Repairs

We offer a jewellery repair service for a wide assortment of jewellery. We can complete minor repairs on-site (e.g. replacing clasps or safety chains) and we have a highly experienced jeweller who is able to complete more extensive repairs, from ring re-sizing to complete remakes of ‘one off’ handmade items.

Pearl/Bead Re-Stringing

We also re-string pearls and beads. We have an experienced re-threader who can re-string on individually knotted thread or nylon.

It is important that pearls are regularly re-strung as the threads gradually stretch with wear and will eventually break.

Further Information

Do you a unique or specific item that needs to be repaired? Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss it further.